The Better Way to Teach

AccuSkills novel modular system lets you mix and match your curriculum lessons to tailor the learning experience for each group of students.

Step 1:

Design Your Academy

Design an engaging academy that matches your organization’s branding. No-coding, simple tools make it fun to create a school your students will love.

URL Mapping

Map your AccuSkills account to your own URL for a fully-connected, seamless experience between your website and your training platform

White Labeled

Add your own logo, colors, fonts, welcome text, and images using our dynamic WYSIWYG site editor. No coding needed!

Branded Front End

Enjoy a customizable landing page, course catalog pages, and preview pages to engage and attract potential students.

Step 2:

Design Your Curriculum

Whether you are teaching an academic program, training customers how to use your product, or you need custom learning paths for different groups of learners, AccuSkills makes it easy for you to plan out your curriculum.

Step 3:

Create Lessons

Create immersive multimedia lessons with AccuSkills’ professional authoring suite. Lessons are self-contained modules you can add everything you need to teach that concept, including:

Finally, an easier way to structure your curriculum

The modular system lets you build a complex curriculum, then shape the needs of each class and course individually, without having to recreate your content each and every time.  Lessons can be configured in unlimited ways, instantly updated, and shared between instructors, so your curriculum – across every class and course – is consistent and always and up-to-date.

Share, buy, and sell lessons to educators in other schools

Lessons can be shared amongst instructors, departments, companies, and schools. Offer  a standardized, consistent curriculum that elevates the classroom experience with expert content, no matter how big your program.

You control your own lessons – who can use them, edit them, and purchase them. You are both the author and publisher, and the best part is you keep 100% of the royalties you earn.

Step 4:

Create Classes and Courses

Mix and match lessons to create customized learning paths for your students. 

Intuitive tools help you quickly build AccuSkills Classes for in-person training, or AccuSkills Online Courses for distance learning.

The lessons in each class or course unlock and link together to form a powerful academic eco-system, activating a robust suite of tools for life in the classroom.

Further customize your class or course with unique content to craft a stunning presentation that excites your students and captivates their imaginations.

The modular system lets you build a complex curriculum, then shape the needs of each class and course individually, without having to recreate your content each and every time.  Lessons can be configured in unlimited ways, instantly updated, and shared between instructors, so your curriculum – across every class and course – is consistent and always and up-to-date.

Enhance Your In-Person Classes

Capture your students’ attention with selected content modules and flexible classroom management tools to create unique learning opportunities for each and every student.  Designed for live training from class lectures to weekend seminars, AccuSkills Classes unify you and your students for an enhanced learning experience.

Assign and Manage Class Content

Assign lessons, projects, tests to your students, track lesson engagement, and much more.

Manage Your Student Roster

Set seat limits for each class, auto-enroll students, and track student logins.

Testing and Assessment Tools

Build auto-grading group tests with time limits, grading options, and manage your own questions.

Grade Book and Attendance

Track, edit, and curve grades and attendance for the entire class and individual students.

Interactive Projects and Exercises

Create, assign, accept student submissions, and grade student projects and exercises.

Teaching Students in Person

Whether you’re teaching an academic program, employee training, or a weekend seminar, AccuSkills In-Person Classes help you manage the classroom. Simply mix and match lessons from your Lesson Library to build a customized curriculum for each in–person class.

The content in every lesson unlocks, giving you a library of resources to enhance your classroom lectures. You can mix and match test questions from each lesson to create customizable tests, assign projects and exercises included in each lesson, and much more.

Each AccuSkills Class becomes its own eco-system with a full suite of classroom tools to help you manage your students in a live-training environment.

Testing and Assessment

Sophisticated testing tools let you assess your students’ understanding of the materials. With robust configuration options, auto-grading, and an array of analysis tools, feel confident your students comprehend your curriculum.

Powerful Test Builder

Easily pull questions included in the lessons you chose for each class and course, or write your own

Customize Each Test

Choose randomization options, windows of availablity, passing requirements, and more

Auto-Grading Options

With one click, AccuSkills auto-grades each exam, or easily review and grade short answer responses

Identify Problem Areas

Quickly determine commonly missed questions to address misunderstood concepts

Manage Post-Test Grades

Auto-gradebooks, grade curves, and test editors allow you to review and edit results

Build Self-Guided Online Certification Courses

AccuSkills Courses expand what’s possible in the classroom to students around the world.  Create immersive online courses for distance learning, and provide learning solutions for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Student can learn on their own time with as much – or as little – instructor interaction as you want.

Student Management

All new tools make it easy to manage a roster of 10 or 10,000 students

  • Batch create student accounts yourself with only a name and e-mail address
  • One-click login for new students expedite the registration process
  • Assign students into groups, then easily assign groups to classes, courses, and certification programs
  • Auto-enroll student into any class or course
  • Manually reset student passwords
  • Log in to student accounts to troubleshoot


Batch Create Student Accounts

Students can either register themselves, or you can quickly upload your student roster to batch create yoru student accounts

Auto-Enroll Students into Classes

Assign students to any class or course your organization is paying for. Once click and students receive an enrollment e-mail with sign in instructions

Integrated E-Commerce

Accept Credit Card Payments

Sell your classes and courses to students and keep 100% of the profits. You have your own credit card account and the revenue flows directly into your bank account - no middle man.

Accounting Manager

Manage your revenue with our robust, integrated accounting tool. Track which classes, courses, and lessons are selling best, and view your numbers at a glance.

Instructor Management

Managing your instructors has never been easier. The robust Instructor Manager makes it simple to create and manage the instructors in your organization.

  • Create new instructor accounts
  • Manage instructor access to site admin tools
  • Manage instructor access to content lessons
  • Oversee, view, and manage instructor’s classes and courses

Full Control Over Site Access

Whether your instructors are full time, adjuncts, or only need access to certain tools, you control their platform tolls access

Oversee Classes and Courses

As an administrator, you have access to each instructor classes, courses, class roster, to ensure consistent levels of instruction

Create Stunning
Certification Programs

Certification is a powerful tool to motivate your students to achieve, while adding value to your online courses.  Flexible certification programs enable you to create, manage, and and administer your certifications with easy and efficient.

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