Introducing the New Instructor Manager

Managing your instructors has never been easier. The all-new and improved Instructor Manager makes it simple to create and manage the instructors in your organization.

Create and Manage Instructor Accounts

The new Instructor Manager consolidates account management into one simple dashboard.

  • Create new instructor accounts
  • Approve or decline new instructor applications
  • E-mail instructors
  • Manually reset instructor account passwords
  • Log into you instructor’s accounts

Manage Instructors' Classes and Courses

View each of your instructor’s current, upcoming, and expired classes and courses.

  • View class and course status
  • Track enrollment
  • Contact and manage student rosters
  • Re-assign classes and courses to other instructors
  • Open, manage, and edit any instructor’s class or course

Set Access Permissions

Control which AccuSkills functions each instructor can access, including

  • The Site Editor – to customize the branding, look, and feel of your account
  • The Accounting Manager – to set up and manage student credit card payments, invoices, revenue reports, and royalties
  • The Instructor Manager – allow a user to create and manage other instructor accounts
  • Network Sharing – to share or license your lessons, classes, and courses with other AccuSkills accounts

Set Lesson Permissions

Control which lessons each instructor can access and/or edit.

  • Manage your content by controlling which lessons each instructor can view, add to classes, and add to courses
  • Control which lessons each instructor can edit

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